Finding Your Perfect Clock

Finding Your Perfect Clock

This is the place for one of our beautiful wood crafted clocks. Think what one of our grandfather clocks, cuckoo clocks, wall clocks, or table clocks will do for your home or office. Makes a statement or a comfortable addition to your home.

You can create an atmosphere of beauty and warmth to any space.

No matter what your life style, we have a clock for you. Maybe you have a large living room that needs something, one of our beautiful key wind grandfather clocks or wall clocks would fill the space.

Do you, like many have a rushed like, a quartz grandfather clock or quartz wall clock will give  the enjoyment of both with out winding.

Like to have a clock that is fun and a real joy?

Choose one of our many cuckoo clocks.

Limited space?

Choose a table clock. It doesn’t require a lot of room. We have a clock for everyone. Shopping for affordable grandfather clocks, cuckoo clocks, or wall clocks with us makes for a truly enjoyable experience.

They make a perfect gift for any occasion.

Affordable Grandfather Clocks

Our grandfather clocks feature key wind pendulum clock movements. The clock faces have roman numerial dials,some have arabic dial faces.

Our grandfather clocks are traditional style in cherry, oak, black, and brown. All grandfather clocks chime on the hour and half hour. They are beautifully crafted grandfather clocks with brass decorative weights.

The rythmic tick tock and chiming adds beauty and warmth to the grandfather clocks presents. Our grandfather clocks are sure to become a lasting heirloom for your family. Grandfather clocks make wonderful wedding gift, experience the feeling for yourself.

Affordable Cuckoo Clocks

Our cuckoo clocks are all traditional cuckoo clocks. Each has a cuckoo bird or deer adorning the top of the cuckoo clock. They are beautifully carved cuckoo clocks with leave accents.

We also have a swiss chalet style cuckoo clock. All cuckoo clocks have a cuckoo bird that cuckoos the hour and half hour. We also have a cuckoo clock that anounces the time with figurines.

Our cuckoo clocks will make a wonderful addition to your home as well as a fun conversation piece. The Black Forest cuckoo clock is a chain driven cuckoo clock and made in germany. Adopt one of our  cuckoo clocks of your very own today.

Affordable Wall Clocks

Our Wall Clocks collection consists of key wind wall, quartz wall, and chain driven wall clocks.

They are a wonderful collection of antique wall clocks. All are beautifully crafted wall clocks. They will make a perfect addition to any decor. We carry many styles of wall clocks. The keywind and chain driven wall clocks chime the hour and half hour.

The School House Regulator wall clocks will bring back memories of years past.  Look them over and pick one of our wall clocks that is the right fit for you today.

Affordable Table Clocks

Table clocks are a wonderful addition where a clock is wanted and space is limited.

One has keywind pendulum movement that chimes the hour and half hour. The other is a very unique looking clock. The Lindenwood table clock is see through, to observe the working movements.

A beautiful quartz movement table clock with a gold tone face. Both can double for mantle clocks. Look them over and choose one for your home today.