Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is uses up to 256-bit encryption key over Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to provide the highest level of security. SSL provides encryption between web browsers and web servers.       

What shipping method do you use?

All clocks are shipped by UPS ground shipping.

Do you offer Rush Delivery?

In most cases. standard delivery time is 3-5 days upon the order placement. We use centrally located warehouses to accomplish this. If you need Rush Delivery, please contact us at and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Are your clocks made of real wood?

Yes, they are made of solid wood.  Our cherry and darker finished clocks are made of lindenwood and our oak finish clocks are made of catalpa. Each of our grandfather, cuckoo, wall, and table/mantel clocks are pure, solid wood which is beautifully finished.

What type of movements do your clocks have.

  • Clocks designated as 31 Day are Keywind.
  • Clocks designated as Quartz are battery operated.
  • Clocks designated as Chain Driven are operated by pulling a chain.

Do your clocks have a warranty?

Yes, they do. Grandfather clock has a one year warranty. Cuckoo and wall clocks have 90 day and 1 year warranty. Table/Mantel clocks have 1 year warranties. Warranty is stated with each clock. If you have a problem with your clock, just contact us, at  if it is defective we will help direct you through the process of repair or replacement.

Is there any assembly once I receive my grandfather clock?

Yes, but it won’t take long and is truly simple.  The only tool needed is a Philips screwdriver to insert 8 machine screws.  It will not take you more than 10 minutes from start to finish.  There are excellent instructions, and if you have any problem or questions contact us.  We will be glad to assist. 

We pack our clocks this way for safe shipment, and so we can have them delivered by UPS and not a freight truck that would then cost a few hundred dollars for delivery.  There is nothing technical about the assembly and set up.  All technical parts pertaining to the clock head and clock movement are pre-assembled and require no further attention.

Is there any assembly on wall and cuckoo clocks?

Yes, only setting and adjusting pendulums. Hanging weights on key wind and cuckoo clocks.

Setting pendulums on quartz clocks. All very simple and easy, instructions included.

If you have any question not addressed here please check Clock Information or Terms first. If you can’t find your answer contact us.

Please contact us at