Purchasing an Affordable Grandfather clock

Purchasing an Affordable Grandfather clock

The purchase of a grandfather clock is a once in life time event. They will last for generations and sure to become a family heirloom.

Confusion over grandfather clocks has only intensified with the advent of the internet. Today there are more more styles, sizes, and prices then ever before. They are such a beautiful work of art, and distinctive addition to a rooms decor, that every home should have one. 

Many times people think to themselves, “I would love to have a grandfather clock, but they are so expensive.” In the past this has been true. Grandfather clocks can reach many thousands of dollars.

Today very affordable grandfather clocks are available. They are not cheap grandfather clocks, but beautifully crafted discount clocks. The workmanship is extraordinary with precision clock movements that will give many years of dependable service.

The clock cases are true works of art that are sure to please the most discriminating clock buyer. These beautiful quality clocks are made of real wood and come in many finishes. Styles consist of antique, traditional, and contemporary.

Finishes are available in brown, black, cherry, and oak. Most stand between 6 and 7 feet tall. Two clock movements that are most common with a quality discount grandfather clock is mechanical and quartz. The mechanical movement is powered by key wind mechanism that is wound every 30 days.

This form clock movement has been around since the 14th century. (very dependable and accurate) The pendulum controls the clock speed by adjusting the pendulum bob up or down. The chiming and rhythmic tick tick is a soothing sound that will enhance the feeling of stability and comfort to your home.

The quartz grandfather clock is operated most commonly by AA batteries. (very dependable and extremely accurate) This type of clock movement doesn’t require any winding. A quartz movement clock has no pendulum and doesn’t chime. Shelves replace where the pendulum would be to place decorations. 

Maintenance for a grandfather clock is very simple and cleaning is the same as any fine piece of furniture.

You don’t want to spray polish or glass cleaner on the clock face, pendulum, or decorative weight as this will tarnish or stain the brass. The mechanical grandfather clocks should be professional inspected and cleaned every 3 to 5 years to keep them in perfect running condition.

The quartz grandfather clocks should have the battery inspected periodically for leakage. This is really the only thing that could cause problems, so be sure to use a good quality battery. 

How to locate and purchase an affordable grandfather clock

  1. Find a retailer that sells quality discount clocks. 
  2. Be sure the website is encrypted and secure with your most personal information.
  3. Does the retailer answer question you have in a timely manner.
  4. Is there a solid guarantee.
  5. Is there a no nonsense return policy.
  6. Is the retailer willing to work with customers after the sale to resolve any problems or questions to the customers satisfaction. 

Having these things addressed to your satisfaction you should have a pleasant experience shopping and owning a quality discount grandfather clock.